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Learning English was never this easy and cost effective! Presenting to you two educational products on mobile with the objective of helping you learn how to speak in English effectively.

On-line Training


Welcome To Haranadh Spoken English Rajahmundry

Welcome to English learners , we follow a Unique way of teaching . We initially understand the students requirement in English, their future plans and current fluency in Spoken English. Based on all of these factors, our trainers create customised courses that help a student achieve his language Goals.

Some of the main features of Haranadh's Courses are:

  • Need Based Training for every student.
  • Pre-Assessment at the beginning of the course.
  • Regular Testing and monitoring in the class.
  • Individual Case file of each and every student.

As a trainer , we can understand their requirements in English Learning . Based on their needs , we will recommend a course modules and duration, to make them speak flawless English.